Hello, love! I'm Hannah.

A doula and women's embodiment guide.

I guide women and families through transitions to a more expansive and embodied life.

Women's Embodiment Doula

As a doula and women’s embodiment guide, I create a warm and safe space for women and their families. A space to be seen in their experience, empowered in their desires, and equipped with the practices to take them deeper into their own experience of their life.

Work with Me

My Offerings

Embodiment Guide

Hannah creates sacred space within women’s circles, mother blessings, and 1:1 guidance sessions. She is guiding women home to a more embodied and fulfilling experience.

Doula Support

Supporting families is where Hannah’s work began, and her heart lives. Guiding families through the transition that growing a family requires one part education and another part holding them on the shaky ground as they gain their footing as a new family.

Childbirth Classes

Hannah leads families through her Mindfulness Childbirth and Life After Birth classes in a way that educates them on their options and allows them to find their most aligned vision for this new chapter in their lives.

Words from Clients

Love Notes

When I was preparing to bring my third baby into the world, I knew I wanted a different experience. One thing I did differently was work with Hannah as a doula; it was the best decision in so many ways.

I was able to let go of my tight grip of fear that I carried with my first two births. In the last 2 to 3 contractions before meeting my baby, I remember hearing her say: “Thousands of women have done this before you; you can do this.” I held that mantra as I welcomed my baby, and I hold it still now.

Hannah is now forever etched in my memory of the most tender minutes of my life. I am so, so grateful for her.

Maria C.

Hannah is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known–inside and out.

Shep’s birth story would not be the same if she hadn’t been there.

She’s a fierce encourager & supporter & such a loving soul.

Sarah J.

Most amazing, spirit-filling, freedom-giving evening at the Women's Circle.

My doula, Hannah, is amazing.


My doula, Hannah, was amazing in every way at my home birth. But hiring her for postpartum support may have been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Hannah is an amazing support for any pregnant, birthing, or postpartum mama!

And having an angel woman for a doula was the best decision I ever made!

Adrienne P.

Women's Circle was magical. Healing. Powerful.

Gratitude overflowing!


I never took a photo with our doula, Hannah (she was busy taking OUR photos). But every time I see photos, I think of her and how great I felt after giving birth. I had never felt like that after birth before.

Cared for, protected, and advocated for. An entire year later and I am still so thankful that we chose to use a doula and for Hannah. We will love you forever!

Kalie V.

I cannot thank my doula enough for her role in not only my labor prep but also for helping Tanner deliver our sweet girl. Seriously, thank you.

If you are ever looking for a doula, I cannot recommend Hannah enough. This is my second birth with her and my only regret is I didn’t work with her sooner.


We couldn’t have picked a better person to help prepare us for bringing our baby girl earthside.

Lauren D.

Hannah is an experienced doula. We’ve worked together on several pregnancies and each one, she continues to amaze me. She’s committed to her own growth, not only professionally, but personally too.

I’ve also referred my own family members to her knowing that they’re in the best hands. She coaches her clients on being their own advocate and supports them on their journey wherever they need support.

If you’re ever looking for an amazing doula, she’s your gal!

Dr. Whitney Shoults

Owner, AllCare Chiropractic